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Tariff Deal Is Big Step for Trade, Tech Firms
Apple and Microsoft were especially pushing for no tariff on the content cards, which are seen as a way to curb software piracy, say people following the negotiations. Microsoft and Apple declined to comment. “This is particularly important for …
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Piracy raid: German police search homes
Officials targeted members of a file-sharing forum called Boerse, who the prosecutor says have uploaded movies, music, software and e-books. At time of writing the platform itself is still online. Its terms and conditions warn against the sharing of …
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Why SA is leading Africa in fighting software piracy
South Africa has better measures in place to tackle software piracy when compared to its African peers. This is the view of an International Data Corporation (IDC) expert responding to a Software Alliance (BSA) survey, conducted earlier this year …
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Morningstar settles software piracy case

Morningstar settles software piracy case
On the eve of going to trial, Morningstar Inc. has reached a preliminary settlement in an intellectual property lawsuit brought by Business Logic Corp., a 401(k) managed accounts software company. A trial that had been scheduled to start Monday in …
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Queensland manufacturer slugged for software piracy
BSA The Software Alliance also reported in June that software piracy is now worth $ 837 million in Australia, having doubled in value over the past decade. The Asia-Pacific region led the world in unlicensed software installation rates, now at 62 percent.
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Microsoft Sues Ocean Enterprises for Alleged Software Piracy & More
In the bigger picture it's about software piracy. Our report provides you with a detailed overview of Microsoft's case along with the latest statistics from The Software Alliance (BSA) that was published this week. The BSA's membership includes …
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Anonymous #OPKILLBILLZ Stop Bill C11

Vic Toews says that people who do not support this bill are siding with child pornographers. Under Bill C-11, formally known as the “Copyright Modernization …

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Jaco Pastorius Teen Town by Neftali Lopez

This is my own version and added parts from my own on bass line from Jaco’s composition.He’s one of my superheroes(musicaly speaking)and a source of inspirat…
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Não estou exercendo nenhum tipo de pirataria ou comercializando musicas. Pirataria é o comercio ilegal de músicas, e as que se encontram postadas no YouTube …

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Painting contractors

Painting contractors have perfected their craft when it comes to getting in and out quickly. They do this on a regular basis so they know what products work and what doesn’t. They know how to get those hard to reach ares and if the walls have a weird texture on them they don’t have any problem making it look like this is not a problem at all. Painting contractors will come in and while making sure there is little mess and they will be able to gt the job done with as little disruption as they possibly can. They can do interior and exterior and if you are having a problem picking color schemes they will be able to help you with this too. Painting contractors are great for people that really don’t have the time to worry about painting, or they might not know anything about it and it is better just to have the professionals handle it.

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Copyrighted Extremism – A responce to Viacom vs YT.

Copyrighted Extremism - A responce to Viacom vs YT.

A responce to Hank Green’s video about the TY vs Viacom debate, addressing a big problem of the wider debate.
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Congress is about to vote on the Stop Online Piracy Act, which could give the government power to shut down any website with copyrighted content. Kevin Perei…
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What Do People Think About Piracy? (Made by Vidatra SHS Students)

What Do People Think About Piracy? (Made by Vidatra SHS Students)

What do people think about piracy? and do they care the effect with economic’s development? Made by: 3 Science 2 of Vidatra Highschool Goldwin C.S., Imanuel …
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Cyber threats, hacker attacks and laws officially aiming to tackle internet piracy, but in fact infringing people’s rights to online privacy. It’s an increas…
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Miami airport parking

If  you are planning to go to the Miami airport, parking might be something you are worrying about. Going to the airport can be stressful enough. If you are departing you have to worry about how you are getting there, if you packed everything, do you have your tickets, credit cards, ID, and everything else that you need to worry about.  The airport itself had long term or short term parking. The garage has security and its close by. The only problem is if you are going to be doing long term parking it can be very expensive. If you are just picking someone up and don’t want to spend the money to park you can park at the cell phone lot and when your other party calls you, you can meet them at the loading dock. This can make it much easier for you.  If you need long term parking there are other ways you can go about it and save yourself money on Miami airport parking. There is external parking not on the airport grounds that can be much cheaper. To go with this method they generally like you to makes a reservation. You can do this online, or over the phone. When you arrive, some park the car for you, while others have you park in a designated parking spot. They load your bags into the shuttle, and then shuttle you to the airport. When you get back you just have to give them a call and they will come and get you.  If you paid already then you don’t have to worry about paying when you get back and you can easily just pick up your car and go. Most of these parking lots are fenced, some have covered areas for your vehicle, and have 24 hour security.  With so many options for Miami airport parking you will be sure to check it off your list and not have to worry about it when you are looking to leave.

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CEG TEK International P2P Monetization

Over the past decade, internet traffic has grown at a rapid pace, and with it, so has internet-based copyright infringement. A recent study estimates that on…

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light switch covers

There are many different designs when it comes to light switch covers. Most people only think of these as the white ones or the cream ones that seem to be in abundance when it comes to you are looking around rooms in pretty much any space. But if you could have something different in your space would you? Some are fancier than others. You can get them in wood with many different finishes. Metal is very popular too. There are clear plastic, different colors, and you can even get themes. If your child’s room is Disney themed why not get the light switch covers that match that Disney theme. Or maybe they like cowboys, which you can find one that matches that. If your bathroom has a beach theme you can easily find one that is beach themed as well. Light switch covers don’t have to be boring so step out of the box and enjoy a whole new aspect of decorating.

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