New Bill: Power to Censor Piracy Worldwide?

A bill introduced to Senate would allow the US government to censor the internet sites you go to. Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act would al…
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Collection Agency

When you think of ca collection agency, you probably think of annoying phone calls that you push ignore every time you see the number pop up. What if you actually picked the phone? Some collection agencies actually want to work with you and not against you. They want to help you get out of debt and get your life back on track. These companies know that sometime life makes it so that you can’t pay your bills. From medical problems, to job loss sometimes the money wasn’t coming in like it should have been. A good collection agency will find a common ground that will be good for both of you. They can make it so you make affordable monthly payments that can help you get out of debt faster. If you work with the collection agency you will be able to settle your debt even if you thought it was never possible.


First Serve to Bring MediaSentinel Anti-piracy Technology to Asia-Pacific & the Middle East

Old Lyme, CT (PRWEB) May 14, 2005

USA Video Interactive Corp.(OTCBB: USVO; TSX: US; BSE/Franfurt: USF;, supplier of the powerful MediaSentinel™ digital watermarking technology, has joined forces in a unique partnership with First Serve International LLC, an entertainment company focused on feature film and television production and related entertainment businesses, based in Los Angeles (USA), with operations also in London (Europe) and Mumbai (Asia).

For two years, USVO diligently developed its comprehensive anti-piracy solution for addressing the motion picture and television industry’s serious video piracy problem. The MPAA estimates the U.S. motion picture industry loses in excess of $ 3 billion annually in potential worldwide revenue due to piracy. First Serve opens the door to implementing USVO’s proven product worldwide with particular emphasis to its introduction and use in one of the world’s fastest growing media markets, Asia. With high-level access in the motion picture and television production and distribution enterprises that include North American studios and networks, First Serve puts powerful resources behind MediaSentinel and provides a significant step toward USVO profitability.

By marketing USVO’s MediaSentinel Workstations and licensing USVO technology, in effect First Serve will take the lead in the ongoing fight against piracy by offering the entertainment industry MediaSentinel’s digital watermarking products and services for studios, television programmers and other customers. “We are very excited about the tremendous opportunity this relationship brings for market acceptance of MediaSentinel,” said Edwin Molina, President and CEO of USVO. “We are extremely excited to have a person of the stature of First Serve’s Chairman Vijay Amritraj sign on to this important mission of developing the future of media property,” said Molina, adding that he was elated to “receive the endorsement and support of Vijay who is not just a legendary sportsman and entertainment entrepreneur but also a UN Messenger of Peace.”

In the USVO-First Serve relationship, the companies will jointly market the MediaSentinel Workstation to companies throughout Asia (including Bollywood in India), Europe, and the United States. In support of these efforts, the companies will collaborate with sales support, marketing and educational programs and materials that make clear the benefits of watermarking to potential customers. Through these efforts, the companies intend to attract new business and break ground on enforcement of copyright holders.

“We are indeed excited to work with USVO. MediaSentinel offers tremendous benefits in a cost and time efficient manner to the fast-growing media industry around the world to fight and deter piracy,” said Vijay Amritraj. First Serve will launch a global campaign to create awareness by showcasing the MediaSentinel at premium production and post-production facilities to demonstrate its proven ability.

The MediaSentinel Workstation embeds effortlessly, invisible forensic watermarks throughout the entire area of every frame in video content. The watermarks are virtually impossible to remove, and can survive a wide variety of conversions and attacks. MediaSentinel includes unique SmartMark technology that intelligently evaluates image characteristics to ensure that the watermarks remain invisible even in extreme situations. Law enforcement authorities and others authorized with MediaSentinel’s software and keys can easily read the watermarks. MediaSentinel complements other content protection methods that are used in video distribution.

About USA Video Interactive Corp. (USVO)

USVO is a developer and supplier of Internet media delivery services, systems, and innovative end-to-end solutions. The Company developed its MediaSentinel™ digital watermarking technology and its StreamHQ™ architecture to provide a wide range of business customers with value-added media delivery services. USVO holds the pioneering patent for store-and-forward video, filed in 1990 and issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on July 14, 1992; it has been cited by at least 165 other patents. USVO holds similar patents in Germany, Canada, England, France, Spain, Italy, and Japan. For more information, visit

About First Serve International, LLC (FSI)

First Serve International is a California based LLC with offices in Los Angeles, London and India to produce and distribute motion pictures and television programming. FSI also offers consulting and marketing services to media companies and markets media related products as well as engages in related businesses such as consumer products licensing. Besides its well-known Chairman, Vijay Amritraj, FSI management includes its CEO, Edward Borgerding, a former senior executive of the Walt Disney Company, and, FSI Senior Vice President, Munish (Max) Gupta, a well known Asian-American journalist turned entertainment entrepreneur.

USA Video Interactive Corporate Headquarters Office: 83 Halls Road, Old Lyme, Connecticut, 06371 Telephone (860) 434 – 5535

Facsimile (860) 434 – 5782; Canada Office: 507 – 837 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 3N6. Trading symbol on the OTCBB: USVO; Trading symbol on the TSX Venture Exchange US; Trading symbol on the Berlin and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges: USF. CUSIP 902924208. For more information contact Edwin Molina (860) 434 – 5535;

First Serve International, LLC Corporate Headquarters Office: 16555 Sherman Way, Suite A, Van Nuys, California 91406, USA. Telephone (818) 988-5299; Facsimile (818) 988-5812; Email:

The press release may contain forward-looking statements. Actual results may differ materially from those projected in any forward-looking statements. Investors are cautioned that such forward-looking statements involve risk and uncertainties, which may cause actual results to differ from those described.

MediaSentinel™ is a trademark of USA Video Interactive Corp.

The TSX Venture Exchange (TSX) has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

USA Video Interactive Corp.Phone: 860 434 5535 – Ext 125e-mail:

# # #

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Home Theater Systems

Home theater systems have made many people’s homes that much better. If you are someone that likes the whole experience of a movie theater but would like it in the comfort of your home you can do just that. People that install these systems can do it during new construction, remodeling, or even homes that just want it installed. The speakers of these systems are very well concealed. They are much smaller than previous years and they have a bigger impact.  These systems can make any home a much better place to watch a movie, TV show, or even play a video game. The quality of sound is much better. If there are teenagers in the house the home with the epic home theater system will be where they want to watch all their movies and hang out. Home theater systems are a great investment to any home that wants to make a big impact.


Fake D-Link product racket busted

NEW DELHI, India (PRWEB) September 4, 2005

Police officers attached to the District Investigations Unit (South) New Delhi and EIPR officers jointly conducted a raid on behalf of D-Link (India) Limited in Nehru Place. B

ased on investigations and information provided by EIPR, the team raided M/s. Shift Info Byte a retailer in Deepak Building, Nehru Place, New Delhi. Police found about a dozen spurious Ethernet switches labelled as D-Link. Police arrested Mr. Sahil Gupta (Aged 27 years) owner of the shop for copyrights violation.

D-Links 16 port and 24 port Ethernet Switches (model DES 1016D and DES 1024D) are a robust model and is very widely used. The counterfeit goods of inferior quality were being sold as original D-Link products. The material seized from the shop is valued at Rupees Eighty Five Thousand.

The raid was conducted on 31st August 2005. A case has been registered under FIR # 889 dated 31/08/05 in Kalkaji police station. The accused has been booked under section 63 of the copyrights act 1957. Sub Inspector Ashok Kumar, DIU (South Dist. New Delhi) led the raid team and is the investigating officer of this case. The raid was conducted under the supervision of ACP Rajendra Kumar (In-charge DIU, South Dist.). Further investigations are currently underway.

Enforcers of Intellectual Property (EIPR), headquartered in Mumbai with offices across India, dealing with issues related to protection of intellectual property, counterfeiting, anti-piracy and fake goods have been investigating the availability of fake D-Link products in the Indian markets. These investigations led them to the shop in Nehru Place.


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Arxan Announces GuardIT

Bethesda, MD (PRWEB) November 4, 2008

Arxan Technologies, a leading provider of application hardening solutions designed to protect software applications from tampering, unauthorized access, piracy and malware insertion, today announced a major update to GuardIT, version 4.0.

An intelligent software protection solution, GuardIT defends, detects and reacts to attempted attacks in order to safeguard a company’s software assets. GuardIT fortifies software applications through patented Guard technology that quickly and efficiently secures commercial software applications and their associated copy protection systems (such as license management, DRM or conditional access). The solution enables organizations to rapidly and easily deploy a sophisticated and surgically precise “line of defense” for software applications, without impacting legitimate end users’ experience.

GuardIT is now a comprehensive and integrated protection platform that supports various languages, operating systems, compilers and chip-sets. GuardIT 4.0 features significant upgrades across the board including:

Greater Security and New Features:

– Stronger anti-tamper for .NET with dynamic integrity verification through Arxan’s Checksum Guard.

– Enhanced ability to detect hacking with additional anti-debug techniques to detect if an application is under the attack or control of a debugger.

– Increased flexibility in reacting and responding to attacks, including improved information gathering options. Arxan’s policy-based Guard reaction framework allows customers to select how Guard-enabled applications can react at run-time, ranging from tracking to termination.

– Enhanced support for 64-Bit Shared Objects for Linux.

Increased Automation and Usability:

– Further automation of the protection process such as the auto-population of configuration parameters and base protection functionality, which aids the customer in developing the protection.

– Improved usability throughout the protection process for faster deployment.

Continued support for 3rd party compilers and languages:

– Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1 support.

– Microsoft Visual Basic.NET compatibility.

To protect software applications and their intellectual property (IP) from attacks, GuardIT relies on an extensive network of Guards, which monitor the software application and each other, providing deeply-embedded binary-level protection for specified functions that are critical and/or vulnerable.

“Application hardening and shielding provide protection for an organization’s software-based assets (especially those placed on machines, sites and locations that the organization doesn’t control) from tampering, reverse engineering and attack. They also provide several types of application-level security without requiring developers to natively modify source code,” said Joseph Feiman and Neil MacDonald, VPs & Gartner Fellows [Source: "Hype Cycle for Data and Application Security" September 30, 2008].

GuardIT automatically inserts Guard protection directly into the compiled binary of the software application using a specified configuration, with no modifications required to the source code. An unprecedented level of sophistication is achieved in minutes that would otherwise have not been possible. GuardIT’s protection is also designed to neatly fit into existing software development cycles without impacting release schedules. GuardIT protection can also be integrated into nightly builds via the command line interface.

“Software applications are the new attack vector of choice for hackers,” said Mike Dager, CEO and Chairman of Arxan Technologies. “Attackers are working to subvert software applications to compromise functionality, steal intellectual property and gain inappropriate or unlawful access. Enterprises and software publishers need to defend against and closely monitor these threats to minimize risk and maximize their revenues. Our advanced application protection technologies accomplish these goals across a range of platforms and languages, and we are pleased to release the next version of GuardIT to the market.”

About Arxan Technologies, Inc.

Arxan Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of application hardening solutions designed to protect software applications from tampering to minimize risk and maximize profitability. Our advanced software protection solutions secure enterprises, ISVs and digital media providers against unauthorized use, malware insertion, piracy, and reverse engineering of intellectual property. Our products defend, detect and react to attacks through a threat-based, customizable approach that is proven, easy to use and non-disruptive. Arxan supports a full range of application protection needs, from commercial software to military grade assurance. The government relies on Arxan Defense Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Arxan Technologies, to deliver a best-of-breed anti-tamper platform to protect critical program information. Founded in 2001, Arxan Technologies has offices in Bethesda, San Francisco and West Lafayette, Ind. For more information, please visit



Orlando entertainment

All the things to do when it covmes to Orlando entertainment can surprise you. There is something for the whole family to enjoy. You can visit the many infamous theme parks like Disney, universal, and SeaWorld. There are many different dinner theaters available some for the whole family. Some are pirate’s themed, sea themed, twenties themed, and even mystery. There are so many sporting events you can go to like hockey, basketball, soccer, and football. If you are looking for a little fun a night go check out City walk and enjoy the night life here. There is also many different mini-golf courses that the whole family will enjoy. There is always concerts and events going on depending on the time of year.  There are many restaurants that might make it you find you vacation is the best thing ever. So if you are looking for Orlando entertainment you can look up and see all the events gong on.


Jorge Emilio González and Partido Verde News Items

Mexico DF to March 17, 2014 Bulletin 041/14

In 2008, Entertainment centers ‘Living’ and ‘Xcaret’ were not registered as UMAS.
The initiative does not seek to restrict more rigorously define the existing ban but scientific and educational activities: Sen. Jorge Emilio González.

Because countless aquariums and amusement parks profit from marine animals under the cover of doing scientific or educational purposes, Senator Jorge Emilio Gonzalez, the Green Party, submitted a proposal to establish that under no circumstances should display or interact marine animals with humans.

He said the proposal is not to restrict more rigorously the existing ban it explained that for more than a decade, the Green Party does, with the support of most political forces in Congress, succeeded in marine mammals only they could be subject to exploitation, import and export for scientific and educational activities.

However, he said that under such activities seek to profit from species such as seals, dolphins, sea lions, among others, which violates the legal framework and endanger the animals.

Therefore, we seek to clarify the scope of scientific and educational activities.

It was also established that those interested in obtaining a permit from the Ministry of Environment for use of these mammals for scientific or educational purposes must have a research protocol supported by an institution of higher education and that document must be available for consultation by anyone, he said.

Said also coordinator of his party in the Senate that most people who like to see this type of marine shows unaware that they are species that are caught and are displaced from their places of origin to undergo trainings and conditions food and coexistence that do not correspond to their nature.

He explained, with documentation provided by Infomex, which until 2008 in Mexico had 29 management units for Wildlife Conservation (UMAS), which will have facilities for marine mammals.

“Of these 19 specimens had dolphin 3 not operating and 7 did not have copies yet to review the list of two dolphins who were not registered as UMAS are entertainment centers ‘Living’ centers were detected and Xcaret Eco-Archeological park. ”

With these data, he said, we can visualize that in 2008 the country had a total of 22 entertainment centers with a total of 260 specimens of dolphins, on average each center would have 12 dolphins per installation.

“Our proposal not only coincides with the protection of our wildlife species, in compliance with the constitutional right to a healthy environment, but also confirms human dignity in relation to the treatment to be given to the animals,” he concluded.
For more about Jorge Emilio González click here.


Amber Teething Necklace

The sweet sound of silence. This is what parents that are using the amber teething necklace say. While their friends are struggling with screaming children that are teething they get to enjoy all the cues and smiles their child is giving. While the other mothers are in the urgent care because of the fevers and stomach aches, other mothers are enjoying spaghetti time with theirs. The amber teething necklace is made of the fossilized resign. This is non toxic to the child and can be used at a really young age. Matter-of-fact they say to start your child wearing it as soon as possible. As soon as they start wearing the necklace, their body heat will warm up the stones and make them release their natural oils. These oils then soak through the child’s skin and then through the bloodstream. There are anti-inflammatory properties in the oils helping sooth a Childs gums while they are teething. It also helps with the problems that every parents face. The side effects of t teething like belly aches, fevers, soar throats, upper respiratory infections, diarrhea and so much more. By simply having your child wear the necklace can make it so they are easily able to fight teething without any problems at all.  It even fights the ear infections that are caused by teething. Parents are sleeping easier at night because they don’t have a screaming child who’s teeth are killing them.  They beads are small enough so they don’t become a choking hazard making parents feel better about putting it on their precious child This necklace has given parents the option of not resorting to chemicals to help sooth their child. The amber teething necklace is great for even the older children. They have helped many children get through the horrible process of teething.


Niño Verde and Partido Verde News

April 23, 2013 | Author admin


With your permission Sen. President

Comrades Senators.

The forests of our country are key natural resources, currently 33 percent of the national area has these ecosystems. Which give us various environmental services, such as groundwater recharge, the shelter animals and plants, climate regulation and carbon sequestration, the latter two fundamental for combating climate change.

Unfortunately, one of the environmental issues currently of most concern in the international community is deforestation.

According to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the main causes of the loss of forests and jungles in Mexico are the agricultural activities, followed by illegal deforestation and forest fires. Thus, these are the causes that must be fought on a priority basis by the Mexican government, responsible for ensuring the right of all people to a healthy environment for their development and well-being, in terms of article four of the Constitution.

Forest fires have contributed to the deterioration of natural resources, economic losses and have even to loss of life.

According to the National Forestry Commission, only 2 percent of forest fires are caused by natural causes, with the remaining 98 percent caused by man; of these, it is noteworthy that 15 percent is caused by fires and 10 percent of cigarette waste.

So far this year, there have been nearly 6000 forest fires, more than 115 thousand hectares of national involvement. Looking at the trends of the last fire season, at the end of this year would have been affected equivalent to 361 Chapultepec Forest or 245,000 football fields forest area.

Wildfires bring destruction of biodiversity and pollution of water, soil and the atmosphere, the effects remain for many years or are even impossible to repair, with incalculable economic and natural losses.

For decades, Mexico has been developing a comprehensive strategy for prevention and control of forest fires, through the National Fire Protection Program, in which institutions from the three levels of government and civil society.

However, efforts have been insufficient to prevent, so it is necessary to set stricter conduct relating to the underlying causes punishment still being accidental.

Considering the value of forests and jungles, this initiative aims to increase the legal protection of the forest resources of Mexico, through the following reforms:

First, the criminal law to punish the invasion of forest land have been burned, and public servants that any authorization granted in this land, establishing both behaviors as felonies.

Second, the General Law on Sustainable Forest Development in order to:

Prohibit the granting of any authorization in burned forest land; Empower the Federal Executive to enact prohibitions regarding forest land burned, and especially and most importantly increase the penalties for causing forest fires.

That’s all, Mr. Chairman.
For more about Niño Verde click this link.


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