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None– Created using powtoon — Free sign up at . Make your own animated videos and animated presentations for free. powtoon is a fre…
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Music from Turkey Vol. 2

The Turkish music industry includes a number of fields, ranging from record companies to radio stations and community and state orchestras. Most of the major record companies are based in Istanbul’…
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YouTube Copyright School

Russell learns some valuable lessons about copyright.

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Chinese Business Practices Under Fire

Chinese Business Practices Under Fire
When it comes to intellectual property enforcement, the U.S. Chamber gives China very low scores for its high rates of product counterfeiting and software piracy. China also scores poorly in providing civil and procedural remedies and penalties for …
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Adobe, Autodesk and Corel accuse fashion giant of piracy
There is simply no excuse for them to be using pirated or illegal copies of software. The fact that Adobe also told them they were infringing copyrights and they still continued to do so is unforgivable," he said. Forever 21 recently opened its first …
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Case Study Released: Lead Follow-up Strategy

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) January 30, 2014

PayPro Global, a leading international ecommerce provider to sell software and digital goods online, announced today the release of Case Study featuring a success story of successfully engaging leads by implementing a lead follow-up strategy in a purchase lifecycle. The case study is available to download free of charge at

In order to build a strong connection with the unsure customers and recover the maximum of lost sales into completed orders,it is critical to find the best solution for collecting leads and converting them into product users. The benefits of using an automated lead management system are:

lead collection: gathering filled-in information from the abandoned shopping cart
IDP (Instant DroP Notification): sending all collected data automatically to the remote database
Automated follow-up emails: 3-step emails sent automatically to collected leads at scheduled intervals with ability of adding a certain discount

Email follow-ups has proven to be one of the best and most effective practices of lead engagement resulting up to 18% lift in revenue. This strategy gives a vendor ability to build strong connection with profits that furthermore increases the total number of sales. The case study demonstrates how lead follow-up strategy helped ManiacTools to achieve the following results:

monitor and analyse reasons of shopping cart abandonment
achieve product brand recognition
get 31,8% open rate for follow-up emails
10,6% lift in captured revenue

Before using EasyCommerce platform our company didnt use any lead management system with email follow-up engine, all the leads were just lost sales. After implementing follow-up strategy weve noticed a lift in our revenue and increased consumer satisfaction in the service. PayPro account managers completely set up the lead management platform for our convenience and helped us monitor all follow-ups sent to the potential leads. – Alex Pavlenko, Founder of ManiacTools.

The case study describes the automated lead management solution along with the efficient email follow-up strategy. The document is available for download absolutely free of charge at

About PayPro Global

Founded in 2006, PayPro Global Inc. develops and hosts an eCommerce solution that allows anyone to easily sell software online. PayPro Global supports more than one hundred currencies, all major credit and debit cards, and a wide variety of payment options. The company also offers software developers state-of-the-art licensing, activation, and anti-piracy protection for their applications.

PayPro Global Inc is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with development centers in Ramat Gan, Israel and regional offices in New York, USA, and London, UK.

Web site:

Twitter: @paypro_global

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ACS:LAWs Anti Piracy Chief Andrew Crossley “NO SHOW on the ONE SHOW”

FAIR USE CLAIMED (Please) ACS:LAWs Anti Piracy Chief Andrew Crossley ducks out of explaining why he has sent thousands of letter to people demanding money fo…
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in view of the recent increase of incidents of movie camcording in theaters, the anti piracy council of the philippines has come up with a new campaign ad, t…
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Silver colloids

Silver colloids are nanometer sized particles suspended in water. They are measured by milligrams pr litter of water. The amount of silver in the water is divided between silver particles and ionic silver. Silver colloids can be found in health stores everywhere. They have been used for many years, used as a antibacterial treatment, to kill cancer and gonorrhea. Not all of the products are made equal. It is a must to know that you are properly informed about the product before you buy it. When looking at the label, if you see silver protein, it is not the same thing. Silver protein has to use a additive like gelatin to keep the larger particles floating. If they don’t use this product the silver would just fall to the bottom. Those saying that they made it at home they are misinforming you. There is no way to make it at home. Before getting into silver colloids you must do your research, keeping you informed with the product you are buying.

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Roofing Colombus Ohio

When you have a home you have to worry about your roofing. Columbus ohio is no exception to this. In this area you must check your roof on a regular basis. Especially during the winter and check it again after winter. This is very important for many reasons. If you don’t properly inspect your roof before this season you can end up ahvin g your roof collapse under the weight of the snow. If you have leaks in your roof you might find that your roof can weaken and it can casue massive problems. This can be very expensisive. There are roofing companies that ill actualy come to your home and do an inspection for free. Roofing Columbus ohio is very important and making sure one of your homes main defenses during harsh weather is working the best of its ability. These contractors will be able to check and make sure everything is working like it should and if there is a problem you can catch it early and it wont be a huge bill unlike if you wait. If you do need work done you can have them do an estimate for materials and labor and then contact a few more companies to do the same inspection and see what they believe it will cost to do the repairs. You might also want to checkw ith neighbors and friends in the area to make sure you are getting the best company ith the best reputation to do the job. You want only the best to work on your homes main defense against the elements. Roofing Columbus ohio is very important and if you are in this area you need to make sure your home is ready to take the beatings from mother nature to its full ability giving you peace of mind.

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Software Suppliers in Australia Industry Market Research Report Now Available from IBISWorld

Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) February 13, 2014

The move by software suppliers to online platforms has rendered the traditional wholesale-to-retail model redundant. Like other online industries, the Software Suppliers industry is benefiting from this development, resulting in lower costs and higher margins. However, the shift online has had a few negative consequences. This has allowed companies to easily circumvent local tax laws by rerouting their revenue to overseas tax havens. For lower tiered software, it has also resulted in the offshoring of support jobs. However, for higher tiered business software, companies have kept support onshore to ensure more rigorous product support for more complex operations. According IBISWorld industry analyst Sebastian Chia, The rise of mobile computing has also benefitted growth for the Software suppliers industry, allowing Apple and Google to quickly gain market share in a new market segment.

Over the five years through 2013-14, the Software Suppliers industry is expected to grow at an annualised 4.1%. In 2013-14, the Software Suppliers industry is expected to grow by 5.5% to reach $ 6.9 billion. Mobile trends and the rise of cloud computing is expected to continue to drive growth over the period, says Chia. Increased uptake of smartphones and mobile devices will drive growth in small app purchases. Subscription-based services will improve margins and reduce piracy concerns. Cloud computing will also allow for more seamless updates and more powerful software packages. This segment is expected to eat into the market share of traditional on-premises software suppliers over the next five years.

Over the five years through 2018-19, the Software Suppliers industry is expected to grow. The implementation of the National Broadband Network and the continued trend towards mobile and digital services will ensure steady demand for the industry’s services. The Federal Government has recently begun to look into factors affecting start-ups in Australia, which is expected to make the environment more attractive for new entrants.

The industry exhibits low levels of market share concentration. The industrys top three players are Oracle Corporation Australia Pty Limited, SAP Australia Pty Ltd and Microsoft Pty Limited.

For more information, visit IBISWorlds Software Suppliers report in Australia industry page.

Follow IBISWorld on Twitter:!/ibisworldau.

IBISWorld Industry Report Key Topics

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in wholesaling computer software, and computer software related services. This industry excludes the provision of consulting services.

Industry Performance

Executive Summary

Key External Drivers

Current Performance

Industry Outlook

Industry Life Cycle

Products & Markets

Supply Chain

Products & Services

Major Markets

International Trade

Business Locations

Competitive Landscape

Market Share Concentration

Key Success Factors

Cost Structure Benchmarks

Basis of Competition

Barriers to Entry

Industry Globalisation

Major Companies

Operating Conditions

Capital Intensity

Technology & Systems

Revenue Volatility

Regulation & Policy

Industry Assistance

Key Statistics

Industry Data

Annual Change

Key Ratios

About IBISWorld Inc.

Recognised as the nations most trusted independent source of industry and market research, IBISWorld offers a comprehensive database of unique information and analysis on every Australian industry. With an extensive online portfolio, valued for its depth and scope, the company equips clients with the insight necessary to make better business decisions. Headquartered in Melbourne, IBISWorld serves a range of business, professional service and government organisations through more than 10 locations worldwide. For more information, visit or call (03) 9655 3886.

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Apple, Microsoft going opposite ways in China

Apple, Microsoft going opposite ways in China
Microsoft, which has struggled to sell copies of Windows and Office amid widespread Chinese software piracy, has seen its own Chinese smartphone sales sink to a nigh-irrelevant 0.6% of the market. The situation is bad enough that Microsoft chief …
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'Kickass' Somali pirates get their asses kicked by Japanese ass-kickers
KickassTorrents clearly thought Somalia would be a good place to set up shop, given the ungovernable country's long association with pirates. But just two months after the hugely popular file-sharing site shifted from its address to kickass …
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