Software Piracy

the first ceremony on software piracy.
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Arxan Hosts Complimentary Webinar on Software Protection Best Practices

Bethesda, MD (PRWEB) September 5, 2008

Live on Wednesday, September 10, 2008, at 1:00PM EDT, Arxan Technologies, a leading provider of application hardening solutions, designed to protect software intellectual property (IP) from tampering and theft, presents a webinar entitled, “Explore Best Practices to Fight Software Tampering and Piracy.”

This webinar will feature Arxan’s Director of Product Management, Vince Arneja, and industry expert, Avni Rambhia, Principal at Security Matters, who will discuss application vulnerabilities and multiple options to thwart software tampering, unauthorized access, piracy and reverse-engineering.

Given that software tampering and piracy are growing problems that have totaled over $ 48 billion in lost revenue, the webinar will cover:

How hackers and pirates have advanced software smarts that enable them to navigate through binary code in search of exploitable opportunities;
How they attack license management systems, valuable algorithms and enterprise applications that lead them to a revenue stream with unrestricted control created from unauthorized usage, malware insertion and reverse engineering of software;
How managed code and web 2.0 applications, including those developed with the Microsoft .NET framework, have also come under attack; and,
What application hardening and software protection best practices can be put to use so companies can take back control of their applications and revenues.

Join us live on Wednesday, September 10, 2008 from 1-2PM EDT or register to watch the replay at

Complimentary registration for the live event is available at:

About Arxan Technologies

Arxan Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of application hardening solutions designed to protect software applications from tampering to minimize risk and maximize profitability. Our advanced software protection solutions secure enterprises, ISVs and digital media providers against unauthorized use, malware insertion, piracy, and reverse engineering of intellectual property. Our products defend, detect and react to attacks through a threat-based, customizable approach that is proven, easy to use and non-disruptive. Arxan supports a full range of application protection needs, from commercial software to military grade assurance. The government relies on Arxan Defense Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Arxan Technologies, to deliver a best-of-breed anti-tamper platform to protect critical program information. Founded in 2001, Arxan Technologies has offices in Bethesda, San Francisco, London, New York, Dallas, Boston, Chicago and West Lafayette, Ind. For more information, please visit

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Texas dirt

When you need to have your property built up for a project, you will needs some Texas dirt.  There are many different reasons you will need to build up the land for construction projects. Sometimes you need to get it above a flood zone.  Sometimes the extra dirt helps build berms that will make it so that water can rush in certain areas. Sometimes you might need to make the area level to build on it. These are for areas that just need some dirt to help level the area.  Also if you are trying to build areas up for landscaping you will need Texas dirt added.  No matter the reason dirt has many reason you will want to use it for. You will find that it helps aid in many construction projects. Texas dirt has helped many people get the look they needed whether it was for landscaping, or construction project.


TENACIOUS D – Jack Black on Piracy

Jack Black schools all of you on the truth about piracy. Remember, don’t be a douche.
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Congress is in the process of passing a bill that makes it illegal to post any copyrighted material on the internet, this includes music, videos, movies, vid…
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Florida retirement communities are becoming more popular with those that want to have a permanent vacation when they retire. Having all the luxuries while you are on vacation is what makes everyone like them. You are relaxed, there are plenty of things to do and there is always gorgeous scenery. That is what living in a Florida retirement community is like. These communities all you to be relaxed but there are plenty of things to do if you want to. The best part it is part of Florida so there is always great scenery. The communities themselves have clubs, fitness centers, gorgeous pools, and even golf courses. No matter what you like to do, you can find it in Florida; unless you like snow, then this is not the place for you. If you like sunshine all year long,  and cold spells last a few days, then Florida retirement communities are where you need to be for your retirement.


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speak fish oil is produced by Speechnutrients who after many years of real life experiences shared by parents took action in response to emerging research that indicates essential fatty acids combined with vitamin E may impact child development. After developing a unique formulation for maximum absorption and utilization by the human body, the experts at Speechnutrients then joined with the world’s top producers to find the purest forms of ingredients in their appropriate biochemical form.

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Bean bag chairs

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software piracy

Don’t leave you pc open
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