Super Nintendo Error – Anti-Piracy (Tetris Attack – LEGITIMATE CARTRIDGE)

I was clueless as to what this was at the time. I now know what it means! Anyway, this is a short vid of my LEGITIMATE CARTRIDGE Tetris Attack. I don’t know …
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if this actually happened i would hate you sega.
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  1. SmerrillS .Reviews Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 4:26 am      

    This sometimes happens with the SNES 2. It is because the SNES 2 is
    basically a Super Nintendo on a chip. Or like the NOAC (nes on a chip). The
    game is not detecting legitimate hardware.

  2. Dirtbag359 Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 4:39 am      

    And they wonder why people turn to alternatives like emulators. 

  3. Riolu Gplushater Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 4:53 am      

    did u set it to wumbo?

  4. Hellranium Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 4:54 am      

    Play it on a real snes you dumbass.

  5. StupidYoutubeWantingMyNameNShet Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 5:38 am      

    this is interesting…

  6. XOXTheFunnyBunnyXOX Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 5:46 am      

    Thats very odd also, infomation thats awesome spelling on their part btw i
    think your game is just a bit old

  7. Tman Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 6:07 am      

    sometimes if it has trouble reading the cartridge then thiis will happen.
    applies to sega genisis to

  8. rockfan2345 Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 6:55 am      

    this happend to me with a legit killer instinct donkey kong country and
    mario all legit games tho … ithink my cartidges were damaged somehow tho

  9. Eepblock Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 7:21 am      

    the blair tetris project

  10. CreeperChain Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 8:12 am      

    oh shit. My bad. I just googled it so yeah. i is sorryiz

  11. Polarium DS Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 8:46 am      

    I had that issue with the tetris attack I bought from eBay. Cleaning the
    contacts with alcohol rub fixed that problem for me,

  12. LeooooonScottKennedy Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 9:40 am      


  13. The Android Gaming Vault Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 10:18 am      

    Its like the NES 2

  14. Gst0395 Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 10:45 am      

    Cool, I owned a European PAL model. Quite different from the American
    design but pretty much identical to the one in Japan.

  15. Zero Suou Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 11:29 am      

    If it’s a legit game, perhaps someone else used something to make that
    show? If you are sure the game isn’t in
    obvious-damage-countermeasures-mode–as I call it–load a different game
    (no need to play THAT). AP screens stay in memory until another
    item–another game–forces them out. Once you flushed the memory of the
    damning message, reload. Try this the next time a legit game does this.

  16. ThePROsiakTV Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 12:11 pm      

    Infomation LOL

  17. The Gamer Guy 500 Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 12:18 pm      


  18. corronchilejano Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 12:58 pm      

    SNES Model SNS 101.

  19. SmerrillS .Reviews Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 1:08 pm      

    You do know those batteries were replaceable? You just need to find a bit
    that will unscrew the screws and then replace the battery.

  20. qzecwx Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 1:33 pm      

    My DKC2 does this. I eventually got it to stop by mashing the hell out of
    the reset switch — like, two or three thousand times. The save battery was
    ruined and it regresses whenever it enters a different SNES, but I managed
    to make it mostly playable.

  21. PablitoALR Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 2:23 pm      

    2011 still playing Super Nintendo REAL GAMER

  22. billy123212 Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 2:52 pm      

    I found this today and started to look for videos on it and found your

  23. CreeperChain Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 3:19 pm      

    cause the super nintendo is fake

  24. Bubby Luna Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 3:58 pm      

    Poor you man. that sucks.

  25. sonypsp05 Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 4:40 pm      

    wow, this is the first time i see this on a cartridge.

  26. Scdaniel Greeny Said,

    April 27, 2014@ 5:33 pm      

    Chroma keyed the Torch Lady 2000 times.

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